Our Friends

For several years Contigo has had a special relationship with the Students at Montgomery School in Calgary.


An Update about our friends from Montgomery:

The Bike Project has proved to be a resounding success.  The bikes were distributed to the students at the beginning of last school year, September 2010.  The students found their travel back and forth from home to school so much easier!  The bikes were collected from those moving on at the end of grade 9 and have been redistributed to new students for the 2011/2012 school year.  This initial contribution of 14 bikes led to other contributions, including 14 more bikes for the students.

The teachers at the school had a wonderful event in October of last year to thank both Montgomery and the Contigo foundation.  Guests included the head of Telesecundaria schools for Mexico, the head for the state of Oaxaca, and the head of technology for the state, along with members of the Salchi community. 

The director and teachers at the school submitted the project to a national competition of such projects that have made a difference to schools in all of Mexico.  They were short listed to a group of 4 schools, and the teachers and director travelled to Mexico City in July for the competition.  The school came in second and won $400,000.00 MX pesos worth of materials for the school, including textbooks, Texas Instrument calculators, LCD projector and SMART board.  The teachers travel to Mexico City in October for the prize presentation and plan to have another thank you event when they return.


2010/2011 Montgomery/ Bear’s Unbeatable Book Club Fundraising:


Left to right, Back row: P. MacLachlan-Hill, Michael P., Trevor K., Davis B.;  Middle row: Joshua B., Adam B., Clayton S., Brittany G.;  Front: Kelsey S.

The above group of hard working students, again under the leadership of Penny McLachlan-Hill, had a very successful year of fundraising. The students, in conjunction with the Phys. Ed. department, organized a run/walk/swim/bike from Montgomery School in Calgary to the Telesecundaria in Cuatunalco, approximately 7000 kms.  Students and staff got sponsors and donations for their participation, and prizes were distributed weekly and at the conclusion of the event. 

Thanks must be given to those people and companies who contributed prizes, including Larry Davis and the Barley Mill, Shelagh O’Brien, Paul Graham, and TSN, and Annie Wood.

The students raised just over $3300.00, including money that Doug Austin and Liz Healey contributed after being sponsored by Salchi homeowners to walk 200 kms., the approximate distance that the 40 Cuatunalco students combined walk/ride one way each day.

This donation from Montgomery will be used to set up a scholarship to send a student to university.  The first student who meets the qualifications, which we are now working on, and is accepted to either a university or tech school, can apply for help with costs such as transportation.  Our very first Cuatunalco candidate graduates from high school in Pochutla this coming June and plans to apply to UMAR Huatulco and then to Contigo for support if she is accepted.

Unfortunately, this will be the last time we will be able to work with Montgomery School as it was closed by the CBE at the end of the 2011 school year.  We cannot thank the students of the Bear’s Unbeatable Book Club, Penny MacLachlan-Hill, and the other students, staff and parents of Montgomery for all they have contributed to their sister school in Cuatunalco, Oaxaca, Mexico, over the past several years.  Their work has made an incalculable contribution to education in our community in Mexico.



Contigo is happy to be working with these students and hope we can do so for many years to come.


Thank You Montgomery School