In 2002 Miss Yadira Canseco Fabian came to the area of Cuatunalco to try and improve local education. Until then, there had been no schooling in the region beyond primary school. She started a school by herself and was the only teacher with 50 students between the
ages of 12 and 18.

Since 2002, twenty students have graduated from the secondary school (equivalent to grade 9 in the Canadian system). With Miss Canseco Fabian as director, the school received its official school code in October 2004, which allowed them to issue diplomas. Five students have carried on and travel to the nearest city for high school. They will be the first people in their region to ever graduate from high school.


Six years later, with the help of several donations and one major event held in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, the Contigo School Project Foundation of Canada have begun to construct a three-classroom schoolhouse in Cuatunalco. The students currently are taught underneath a large tree in the centre of town. The school is due to be completed at the end of April 2008 and will be opened for the coming school year.


Although enough money was raised to build the school, Contigo Inc. hopes to raise enough money to furnish the school, hire sufficient staff, and create a scholarship fund for those students looking to go further educationally.